Nov 18, 2017

Texas Dub & Friends Reunion 2017

Texas Dub & The Crew Present:

The Texas Dub & Friends Reunion 2017

Featuring the Texas Dub collective, The Crew, and some of Houston's finest artists across all genres!

Texas Dub was founded in November 2007 by Badbwoy BMC, with original members Intager, Fragile and Dread Foxx in Houston, Texas, bringing the new sound of Dubstep throughout the South and later on, unleashing the sounds of Trillstep. In 2010, Texas Dub was crowned champion in the Dub Academy Soundclash series when they took the 2nd round Dub Assembly vs Texas Dub Soundclash. Texas Dub has many talented DJ's, MC's and producers that cover the entire spectrum of bass music which makes them a force to be heard. Texas Dub's "Riddim Tuesdays" was Houston's favorite and longest running bass weekly and paved the way for today's weekly events. So be sure to check out the 2017 reunion show to experience one of the infamous Texas Dub parties!

We're excited to present the Texas Dub lineup for the 2017 reunion!


SDC Productions
● Mr. Peabody
● SunOnWater
● Dubla
● SuperDave
● Insert Credits
● J. ODdio

Tha Purrin Lion
● DVS1
● Brad Slack
● Chris Torres
● MC Swift

● Joe B [rebel crew music]
● Lory Kong
● Athenagow
● Lucki Junglette
● Bart Black [Underworld Entertainment]
● Krunk Ninjas [El-NiƱo & Twinkdogg],
Davizm & Jiba Jaba
● Upgreyed
● Kit Likwid [MIA Drum N Bass | Psyciety]
● Dahbu
● Frankie5x [Rebel Crew Sound]

● Full Effect MC [Gritsy]
● SoulFiya [Black Lung Crew]

Aerial Eye Candy by Krissy Dee [SDC Productions]


• Saturday December 23, 2017
• 6PM - 3AM
• 18+ Valid ID / 21+ to Drink
• 3 Stages
• Sound provided by Texas Bass Culture
• Fire Spinners & Flow Artists
• Vendors

$5 Limited Early Bird
$10 Tier 1 Presale
$15 Tier 2 Presale
$20 Door

Tumbleweed Music Venue
13101 Kuykendahl Rd.
Houston, TX 77090

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Jun 29, 2014

CHELSMOSIS- Summer Time Mix

CHELSMOSIS- Summer Time Mix listen at and visit all past archives at

Track List
1 tmsv-haze vip
2 genetix + matt u- shamanic technology
3 chad dubz- mistaken identity
4 gantz seytan rmx- afromax
5 coleco- expanded awareness
6 amit + rani- i'll cut you down
7 distance- system reset
8 tusk one- open window vip
9 amit- manic minor
10 gantz- baby face
11 biome- philly blunt
12 thelem- haunted harmonics
13 district- roys theme
14 amit- daaku
15 kahn rmx- namkha
16 joker- head top
17 radical guru- kingston town
18 artroniks- afterlife
19 enigma dubz- the night train
20 bunzero- oshun
21 amit + nomine- mr. clark
22 jack sparrow- near dark
23 slaven rmx + ft. kaya - eon eyes

Dec 5, 2013

Happy December! Chelsmosis brings the latest & greatest in Deep Dark & Heavy Dubstep tunes for your listening pleasure!  Hear new mix at : or

Jul 3, 2013


Here's a free Roots Reggae mix I did for a party in Austin called Roots at Karma Lounge every Tuesday night in Austin TX. Big up the man Labrat.

Here's the tracklisting:
Half Pint - Greetings
Revelation Fulfill Niney The Observer Dennis Brown in Dub
Natty Dread Forward Out Of Babylon
Gregory Isaacs -Night Nurse - Stranger In Town
Thief Niney The Observer Dennis Brown in Dub
Earth & Stone - Jah Will Cut You Down
I'm Not the Man for You
Terry Linen - My Love Is Your Love
Ital Man
Revolutionaries - P.L.A.
 Horace Andy - Girl I Love You
cool down the dub
The Meditations - Woman Is Like A Shadow
Leroy Smart - Jehovah
Where Am I
Black Uhuru - Sun Is Shining
Jays & Ranking Trevor - Queen Majesty
Give Me Your Loving
Corrupted Man
A Little Way Different
Easy Take It Easy
Deliver Me from My Enemies
general trees - mind and soul
half pint - officer
general trees - goast rider

Jun 30, 2013

Hear the Drummer Get Wicked The Return

In conjunction with Mike Price and the original Houston A.D. Da Union
Brings you back one of Houston's Most Legendary Party's ''Hear The Drummer Get Wicked The Return"
July 26 2013

Three stages of pure bass with the best dj's playing Drum and Bass, Dubstep, House, Trap, Breaks, Electro and much more!

Planet of the Drums:
Dieselboy (Human Imprint)
At a time when headline "DJs" shamelessly play pre-programmed or pre-recorded sets and the masses mindlessly embrace the charade, Dieselboy stands out as a rare veteran of the art and craft of live DJing. His focus on creating complex and unique mixes every performance have created legions of fans around the world. Very few artists mix live on three decks with more precision, intensity or finesse.

Dara (BBS)
A member of the infamous Planet of the Drums crew alongside fellow drum 'n bass pioneers AK1200, Dieselboy, & J Messinian, this Irish transplant has been a dominant figure in the U.S. drum 'n bass scene since his arrival here in 1994. His discography includes 2 critically acclaimed full length artist albums, 8 DJ mix CDs, as well as numerous singles and remixes for artists such as Freq Nasty, Afrika Bambaata and Keoki. Dara co-founded the nation's first & largest drum 'n bass record store, Breakbeat Science, in NYC which doubles as his own imprint, Breakbeat Science Recordings. He has been featured in countless magazine articles and interviews both in the US and worldwide. He previously hosted one of the internet's most popular drum 'n bass broadcasts, Velocity, where he regularly interviewed leading drum 'n bass artists such as Jonny L, Kemistry & Storm, Trace, Ed Rush, Optical, Hype, Andy C, Zinc, and many others. Dara's long standing relationships with the world's drum 'n bass elite gives him access to an astounding amount of new and unreleased material. His brilliant recording endeavors along with his incessant touring markey by consistently awe-inspiring DJ sets have made him one of the most recognized and well respected DJs in the country.

Ak1200 (Big Riddim)
The longest running D&B DJ in the USA. Member of the infamous Planet of the Drums crew. Founder of Big Riddim Recordings. Dave, AK1200, has been a driving force within Drum and Bass culture in America since its inception. From his legendary mix CD's to his extensive list of high profile remixes and original tunes, he has maintained a presence within the scene for more than 20 years. For lack of a better term, AK is a "classically" trained DJ, mixing live for each crowd. Every set is unique and completely dependent on what gets the best reaction from the floor that night.

Mc Messinian
Respected by fans far and wide in the Electronic Music/Dance community, Messinian's commanding voice and stage presence have brought countless club and festival goers to expect the unexpected. A natural at fusing genres and uniting the masses, Messinian brings a raw emotion and intensity that consistently burns the roof down. His life is all about controlling microphones and turntables in front of wild crowds and taking the energy in the venue to a higher level. Currently residing in North Philadelphia, he was born into a humble upbringing in Los Angeles, California. He never imagined that his passion and drive for music would one day have him performing in front of jam packed audiences around the globe. Armed with a dream and an uncanny ability to sneak into clubs as a teenager, he was performing at major venues up and down the East Coast before he was legally old enough to get into them. With the endless support of his friends and fan base in Philadelphia and a relentless work ethic, his musical path was paved.

Badbwoy BMC (Swisha House, Eye Ten, Shotcallers, Subculture, Texas Dub)

Having earned the respect as one of the hardest working and well-respected DJs/Producers & Promoters of the South, Badbwoy BMC is a mainstay of Bass Music Culture with an untouchable arsenal of exclusive and collaboratively-produced remixes. His live shows display with an all-star level of talent locking double drops, chopping beats, syncopating sounds in unison. Bear witness to a mixture of sounds uniquely constructed to contain audible appeals that draw in underground dubstep heads, rap enthusiasts and hip-hop lovers alike as well as making seamless mixes that keep the dance floor packed in any venue.

Angel Alanis
(Chicago, Slap Jaxx , D-Form ,Torque)
Angel Alanis started as a DJ at the age of 14 and, in 1997, released his debut double-pack techno EP titled “Advanced Therapy" on Contact Records. Since then, he continues to produce a diverse stream of songs, currently landing him on labels such as Naked Lunch, Afro Acid, Impact Mechanics, Chroma, Gynoid, Spark, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Phobiq, and Boys Noize, and has also been featured on Tresor, Tronic, White Noise, International House Records, Moody and more. In 2011, Angel joined the Afro-Acid team, home of DJ Pierre, and also established two other labels- Home Audio Recordings with partner Steve Parker and his own techno label Slap Jaxx which has already earned acclaim from such DJs as Adam Jay, Dave Clarke, Ken Ishii & Dj Rush & Slam. In addition, his work on the Freedom Series albums and continuous flow of remixes proves Angel’s passion for, and dedication to, the music, and not the hype.

DJ Bizz(H-town Original)
DJ Bizz has been one of the top DJ in the Houston scene since the early 90s and has played at most of the major night clubs & raves around the United States. His experience and unfounded dedication to always spin what makes the crowd move on the dance floor makes him one of the city's most sought after mixologist. You can always find DJ Bizz mixing in a never before heard retro hit or laying down an unforgettable set that is sure to keep the energy high and drinks flowing.

Kung Fu Pimp(H-town Original)
John Tran aka dj Kung Fu Pimp has been rockin’ the local & international House music scene for over 10 years.He has performed in Chicago, Cancun, Hawaii & all over Texas.
Whether it’s a DJ set at warehouse party or at a nightclub, this dj always brings energy to the dancefloor with his funky signature sound!

Terry Mullan (Chicago,Coin Slot)
Chicago's turntablist extraordinaire, turns out dance floors week after week throughout the US and abroad. Any true fan of House Music knows his name, and celebrates his amazing DJ sets. His credits include Coachella, Starscape, Bugged Out, The End, Footwork, and Ruby Skye amongst raves as far off as Japan, Australia and Germany. He has developed a faithful following to those who know through his signature style of funky quirky jacking techy acid house making up an entirely new genre all his own.

Intager (Eye Ten, Pitch Recordings, Shotcallers)
Intager, has helped push bass music from the Lone Star state across the globe through his mixes and music productions. His original works have been covered in music mags such as Big Up, URB and Knowledge UK, as well as dropped on radio outlets like BBC Radio1, 1Xtra, Rinse FM and

With track support from some of the heaviest hitters in bass music, Intager can be called the known, unknown, among sub bass circles. He is constantly introducing listeners to new sounds as a DJ, and through his labels Pitch Recordings and Eye-Ten Recordings, which he co-owns with Badbwoy BMC. Big Up Magazine has simply called Intager a "Sick DJ."

with local support from:
MR Peabody (SDC)
Slick Kid (Texas Dub)
M.C. Fulleffect
Deviant (Frenzi)
DJ Lorenzo vs Kit Likwid
Vandal Heart (Texas Dub/Prime Audio)
Sunonwater (SDC)
J Odioo (SDC)
DJ N9ne (Texas Dub)
Dahbu vs Missing Link
Banxx (Texas Dub)
Jasmine Rose vs Athena
TRVP LORDS (Murderland)
Dubla (SDC)
Kaycee Paul vs Kidd klover (QuadBeats/Skylab Research)
DJ FUG-UE (The Crew|Sine) vs DJ Jefre (The Crew|Bass Mafia)
Jeff Scott
More TBA


$15 presales on sale while they last!!!!!! You can contact any of the host's for tickets or you can visit one of many different spots we got them at in houston!!!!

Online Tickets Available Now At!!!

Tickets Are Allso Available At!!

Smoke Dreamz#1-
6447 Richmond Ave. / Houston, Texas 77057 (Galleria Location)

Smoke Dreamz#2
1201 Westheimer / Houston, Texas 77006 (Montrose Location)

Sound Revolution
1312 Farm to Market 1960 Houston, TX 77073Pinewood Center
(281) 444-5454

Sole Purpose
1641 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 526-4800

Baby's Club

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Dec 24, 2012

Texas Dub 5 Year anniversary 2.2.13

Intager - 130 BASS MIX Part 4 - 12/21/12

130 Bass Mix - Part 4
Mixed and arranged by Intager
Recorded 12/21/12
Special Thanks to Werd2Jah for the vocal drops

Get It At =

Tracks in this session include
Compund One:How's Things
Balistiq Beats feat. Jamakabi:Concreate Jungle
Dusky:What do I do
Freak:Don Froth
G Fitzgerald:Need You
Otto Von Schirach:6 Bass Low
EmJay (Intager and Chango):Sinus
Animal Youth:Sixty Four Sixty
Intager:Don Freak
Tom Budden:Domino
EmJay (Intager and Chango):They Know
Convex:Sex Drive
Dusky:Calling Me
R Owens:One Thing
Don Froth:Reflex
Intager:Acid Wash Jeans
Trusta:Feel So
Mickey Pearce:Socks Off
French Fries:Space Alarm