Nov 21, 2010

Dread foxx - low mofo f8 is dead vip by badbwoy bmc

FREE DOWNLOAD - Besure to leave a comment you low down motherf*cka!Dread foxx - low mofo f8 is dead vip by badbwoy bmc

Badbwoy bmc i need dubs by badbwoy bmc

Badbwoy bmc i need dubs by badbwoy bmc

Swisha House Presents "Welcome to TrillStep"

Dec 4th 2010

Main Room:

...Michael 5000 Watts (Swisha House)
Badbwoy BMC (Swisha House, Texas Dub)
Suma (Texas Dub)
TDBZ (20 HZ)
Vandal Heart (Texas Dub)

with special performaces by Surreal (SWISHA HOUSE 1ST LADY) and much much more!

The Pit:
Intager (Texas Dub, Eye Ten Recordings)
Mr Smith (SA Dub)
Rob Bass (Texas Dub)
Thurs 1 (Texas Dub)
Nick Beatdown (Kaos)
Da Dubbler (SDC)

Under The Street: Brought to you by Tha Droman @ Retribution Records
MC Freestyle Battle - $25 entry Fee Winner takes all!
get @ for more info!

YPPAH & [on hiatus] as Collider
(Ninja Tune)
DJ Nine (Texas Dub)
Mad Turtle (SDC)
Rob Mozell (Ninja Tunes)

Plus SDC and the Pedicab Dankstaz
Super Dave, J oddio, Trebble Hook, Mr Kaotik and more!

$10. Entry till 11
$15. After
18 and up
21 to drink
300 Free Copies of BMC's Welcome to TrillStep Vol 1 will be givin away at the door. Other give a ways throughout the night provided by Swisha House and Texas Dub.

709 Franklin
Houston, TX

Nov 15, 2010

Vandal Heart - Texas Dub Mix by Vandal Heart Dubstep

Vandal Heart - Texas Dub Mix by Vandal Heart Dubstep

Newest member to Texas Dub 'dj' Vandal Heart comes with a heavy 40 minute set, enjoy!

Trolley Snatcha - Circle K (FuntCase Remix)
Heist - I Need Killers
Trolley Snatcha - Rocco's Revenge
F8 - Investagtion
Stinkahbell - Moose Knuckle
Datsik - Domino
Mr. Boogie - Beef Cake
Tremourz & J. Rabbit - Mustardayonnaise
Badbwoy BMC - Badmon
The Bloody Beetroots - WARP 1.9 (Dirtyphonics Remix)
Liquid Stranger - Bloodsuckers
Excision & Downlink - Reploid
Badbwoy BMC - Break Dem Boyz Off
Skeng - Gully Noize
H. Boogie - The Radio (Stinkahbell Remix)
Egyptrixx - Drive U Crazy (Bombaman Remix)
Bombaman - Some Swell View
Crystal Method - Sine Language (Datsik Remix)
Insomatic - Wobblepunk VIP
Genetix - All That Remains
Orien - Mods
Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
Point.blank - Whistle Tips
Eptic - Tampopsycle (Point.blank Remix)
JBZ - Mr. Snyde
Mr. Curtamos - Blah

Nov 11, 2010

WANTED FOR MURDER Friday 11.19.2010

WANTED FOR MURDER Friday 11.19.2010
Killing Soundbwoys

Badbwoy BMC (Swisha House, Texas Dub, Eye Ten Recordings)
Suma (Texas Dub)
Vandal Heart (Texas Dub)
DJ Slick Kid (Risen Phoenix Production)

These individuals should be considered armed and dangerous. Willing and ready to murk up any dance with their uncontestable dubs.
If you come in contact with anyone of these badmon's. You must report them to the proper authorities.


510 Gray, Houston, Texas 77002

18 and up
21 to Drink
Specials all night!

Free for 21 and up
$5.00 for under 21