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Badbwoy BMC
Badbwoy BMC Facebook
For more than a decade Badbwoy BMC has helped define Bass Music Culture in Houston, Texas. First, as one of Texas’ most sought after jungle/drum ‘n bass/ dubstep DJs, and most recently as a Producer. As founder and CEO of Texas Dub he handles all the day to day business for the crew. BMC’s production talent led quickly to numerous digital, vinyl, and CD releases on respected underground labels such as: Dirty Circuit; Shift; Stupid Fly; Betamorph and his own label... Eye-Ten Recordings. His track titled “The Attack” was also featured on the video game Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding 2 for Xbox console. 2012 you will see BMC start a new Bass Music Label called "Gutta" Recordings. Also has projects with Magno (Swisha House) and Rapid Ric. As well as his first full length lp on Swisha House.

Michael 5000 Watts
Swisha House
Michael "5000" Watts began DJing in the late '80s in northside Houston, and he credits DJ Screw's influence as being one of his main inspirations. Watts
instantly took control of his own market, Houston, and then proceeded
to conquer the entire Lone Star state. In the mid to late '90s, Watts began to
work with the rappers that would form the original Swisha House label, and
they released their first official album.

Texas Dub, Eye Ten Recordings
The known, unknown - from the Lone Star State – Intager is based out of San Antonio, Texas. His original music productions have been featured in music mags such as URB and Knowledge UK and dropped on international radio outlets such as BBC Radio1, 1Xtra, Rinse FM and From Dubstep to Drum and Bass, his production works have gained the support and acknowledgement of fellow DJs/producers from a wide spectrum of genres that include the likes of Mala, Skream, Distance, Kenny Ken, Flight, John B, Congo Natty and Dylan. Still a vinyl enthusiast, Intager successfully combines traditional DJ methods using records with digital mediums, incorporating everything from deep and dark, to bangers and original dubs. He is a partner in the Texas-based label Eye-Ten Recordings and helped build the San Antonio Bass Music Monthly events named SA DUB.

Texas Dub, Soular Grooves
A native Houstonian, N9NE has been spinning since 1996 when he fell in love with turntablism after watching the Invisible Skratch Piklz in an episode of Turntable TV. A graduate of the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, N9NE has been focused on artistic expression his entire life, entering the world of entertainment at the age of 5. N9NE’s artistic reach is widespread, from visual art, to music, and to theatre. A member of the Soulargrooves crew since 2007, N9NE is part of a collective of Houston djs, brought together by Dj Sun, who host a local radio show on 90.1 KPFT every Saturday from 9:30 to Midnight and boasts a live dj mix every weekend from 11 – 12. After working on the track “Truth and Rights” released on Betamorph Records, N9NE has been working in the studio with his good friend Badbwoy BMC (Swisha House, TX DUB, and Purrin Lion) and his crew TEXAS DUB producing “bass music”, heavily labeled “dubstep”, but is in reality a sound that crosses many different genres. Formerly the Dj for Lower Life Form, N9NE still has a deep love for hip hop and scratching is definitely a predominate piece of his production. With technology and the advent of Serato, N9NE’s musical selections are expansive, ranging from dancehall/riddim/reggae, electro, deep house, dubstep, glitch hop and a musical library that covers decades. A lover of music, N9NE is just happy being able to do what he loves … share the music that he appreciates.

Royal B (aka Cef)
Texas Dub, Blunted Crew
Royal B Facebook
Genres: Dubstep/Bass, Reggae, Jungle/DNB

Royal B began DJing drum & bass music in Houston, Texas back in 2000 under the moniker Cef. By 2002, he was running a bi-weekly drum & bass event at the legendary Underground Lounge (aka 804 Fannin). During that time he hooked up with established dnb veteran and Purrin Lion member the Badbwoy BMC (Swisha House, Texas Dub) to create the infamous reggae/jungle weekly known as Blunted Thursdays along with Purrin Lion members Steve Swift and Vitamin A in 2003 . The four came to be affectionately known as the Blunted Crew. During this time, the Pressure dnb weekly was also established by Cef & BMC, hosting such headliners of the day as DJ Lee, Concord Dawn, Evol Intent, Cyantific, and others.

In 2006, Cef left his hometown in order to complete school overseas. With annual visits he kept in touch with crewmates and booked gigs each time he visited home, becoming more and more interested in dubstep as he heard the sound developing. 4 years later, Cef returned to Houston as Royal B with a crate full of dubstep, only to leave again a short while later. This time he headed further south.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia from 2010-2011, Royal B played and promoted various shows around the city as well as co-hosted "Pleasure Thursdays" on the well known internet radio website Soundpond ( In addition, he held residencies as a DJ with the UniLife organization of the University of South Australia as well as the Northern Sound System youth outreach center.
Royal B recently returned to Houston and may be found out & about at a variety of shows around the city.

Chelsmosis has been an avid electronic music fan long before she started to DJ. Her deepest passion stemming from early childhood was always to be a creative artistic individual. Along attending art school at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design for painting and sculpture; an array of music genres from Air, NIN, Depeche Mode, Portishead, Bjork, Radiohead, Ministry, Aphex Twin, Autechre, & Sigur Ros, are just a few to name that have always been a major influence on her artwork and life. Her interest in music has grown pervasive after moving back to her hometown, Houston. Immersing her-self into the electronic music scene, a new fascination with Dubstep, Drum'n'Bass, and Electro House began to take over. She states, " The structure of music has become an obsession of mine; listening becomes therapeutic and I found myself becoming conscious of patterns and sounds as an abstract form". As one of the newest members of the Texas Dub Crew many new opportunities have sprouted for her from multiple monthly bookings and as she quotes, " …the unexpected chance to express myself through a structured yet spontaneously raw performance".

Slick Kid
DJ Slick Kid is a native to Houston Texas and works within multiple sounds and genres and with a strong selection of skill sets including freestyle scratch, live analog and digital synth composing and mixing to dubstep, hip-hop, production and vocals. Currently with Eye Ten Recordings and signed Swisha House artist Badbwoy BMC's team of dubstep DJ's known as "Texas Dub" and working toward and looking to break onto the national and international production scene and tour circut. Known for his self appointed "wild style" and slightly offbeat synth setups and mixer rigs, DJ Slick Kid brings a fresh and modern outlook into his track selection and mixing along with his well rounded bag of tricks that bring a stimulating and refreshing energy and vibe to any of his local performances.

Vandal Heart
Texas Dub, Heartshape Bass
Genres: Dubstep, Reggae/Ragga, Southern Hip-Hop

Starting to experiment with digital turntablism of many genres in late 2005, later working up to vinyl and cd mixing in early 2010, and also just turning 20 in October 2011; Vandal Heart can be labeled as one of the newest, young, freshest talents to the Houston EDM scene. Linking up with and befriending Houston veteran DJ and Producer Badbwoy BMC in late 2008, after time, Vandal Heart was added to the Texas Dub crew in late 2010. Only to start producing beats in early 2010, Vandal Heart has networked with many producers of various genres and has gained much respect for his work. With support from sound producers; Bar9, Stinkahbell, Ill Bill Bachelor, Brown & Gammon, Jantsen, his personal favorite DJ and Producer Badbwoy BMC, and many other names, Vandal Heart's selection of beats and style of mixing has gained alot of attention in Houston and around the globe. Vandal Heart is also A&R of record label 'Heartshape Bass'; forthcoming releases consisting of Dubstep, Moombahton, and DNB beats. With all this on his shoulders, representing Texas Dub to the fullest and gaining out of country bookings; Vandal Heart is a brute to the EDM scene in any nation. To contact Vandal Heart about anything you can send a message to or contact 'Jordan Vandalheart' for personal Facebook page.

Texas Dub,20hz Facebook
Genres: Dubstep, Trap
Kruxx is one of the youngest people to emerge on the Texas electronic music scene. He began learning to DJ at the young age of 12 and purchased his first set of turntables when he was just 15 years old. But don't let his age fool you - this kid comes to the decks with as much energy and talent as any veteran in the game. Leaning on his deep rooted love of hip-hop, he began gathering inspiration from the likes of The Invizibl Skratch Piklz, Eric B. & Rakim, Gang Starr, KRS-1, DJ Shadow, Afrika Bambaata, and DJ Craze. He began fine-tuning his mixing abilities when he discovered Drum and Bass. It wasn't much later that he met and fell in love with Dubstep. He began spending countless hours learning the history of Dubstep and developed a deep admiration for the originating sounds of the genre, which are still prevalent in his sets today. In late 2010, local hometown hero TDBZ recognized Kruxx's talent immediately and asked him to be a part of his new Dubstep collective, 20hz. Kruxx seized the opportunity and has diligently earned his place in the Houston Dubstep movement performing alongside many National and International acts. In May of 2012, founder Badbwoy BMC approached Kruxx to join the Texas Dub family making him one of the newest editions to the crew. You can catch Kruxx around town at every Wobble Fridays and Riddim Tuesdays regularly as well as other dubstep events around Houston. When he's not out rocking crowds, he's at home rocking beats.

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