Dec 13, 2010

Leave Em Wantin More by Rob Bass 713

Leave Em Wantin More by Rob Bass 713

Rob Bass Mini Mix Live @ Orbit Room
Ghetto Boi - Thunderskank
Heroics - Emalkay
Rocks - Bare
Samurai - Bare
Haterz - Bare
Talk Of The Town Instrumental - Ice Kid
Its Goin Down - Badbwoy BMC
Teflon - Datsik and Excision Remix Ft. Kemst
Side 2 Side - Richie August
Crippled Camel - Downlink
Break Dem Boys Off - Badbwoy BMC
Reckless - Bro Safari and Sluggo
Life - Bare
Back At It - SPL
Dope - Urban Assault
Bully - Liquid Stranger
Kush Lovers - Bare and Caly

Welcome 2 Trillstep CD Release Party

Dec 8, 2010

Swisha House / SO South Presents Badbwoy BMC "Welcome 2 TrillStep"

Courtesy of


Houston, TX - December 4th, 2010 -- Swisha House raises the bar once again. Notorious for their uncanny ability to recognize and identify the freshest talent emerging from the streets of Houston, the renowned label’s latest innovation to the game is the introduction of a new blend of trademark southern rap music with a progressive new style of bass music, dubstep. Enter dj/producer Badbwoy BMC with his inaugural mix tape debut "Welcome to Trillstep.” Which is hitting distributors on November 26, 2010.
For more than a decade, Badbwoy BMC has influenced and define Bass Music Culture in Houston, Texas and abroad. One of the most sought after jungle/drum ‘n bass/ dubstep Djs in Texas, BMC now double duties as a producer creating an original and unique style that represents a phenomenal transitions into a new era of two cultures. BMC is one of the most qualified DJ in the industry capable of integrating and combining southern rap elements with the subversive and grimey ingredients of dubstep creating “TrillStep”.

Badbwoy BMC’s first release on Swisha House will be an impressive 25 track dubstep remix CD. Featuring remixes of Paul Walls "Chunk up the Duce", "Iced Out", "They Don't Know" and Surreall’s (the first lady out of Swisha House) "Know How To“. Badbwoy Bmc doesn't stop there as he brands many of Houston's most talented rappers such as Slim Thug, Bun B, and Lil KeKe with his Trillstep stamp.

Nov 21, 2010

Dread foxx - low mofo f8 is dead vip by badbwoy bmc

FREE DOWNLOAD - Besure to leave a comment you low down motherf*cka!Dread foxx - low mofo f8 is dead vip by badbwoy bmc

Badbwoy bmc i need dubs by badbwoy bmc

Badbwoy bmc i need dubs by badbwoy bmc

Swisha House Presents "Welcome to TrillStep"

Dec 4th 2010

Main Room:

...Michael 5000 Watts (Swisha House)
Badbwoy BMC (Swisha House, Texas Dub)
Suma (Texas Dub)
TDBZ (20 HZ)
Vandal Heart (Texas Dub)

with special performaces by Surreal (SWISHA HOUSE 1ST LADY) and much much more!

The Pit:
Intager (Texas Dub, Eye Ten Recordings)
Mr Smith (SA Dub)
Rob Bass (Texas Dub)
Thurs 1 (Texas Dub)
Nick Beatdown (Kaos)
Da Dubbler (SDC)

Under The Street: Brought to you by Tha Droman @ Retribution Records
MC Freestyle Battle - $25 entry Fee Winner takes all!
get @ for more info!

YPPAH & [on hiatus] as Collider
(Ninja Tune)
DJ Nine (Texas Dub)
Mad Turtle (SDC)
Rob Mozell (Ninja Tunes)

Plus SDC and the Pedicab Dankstaz
Super Dave, J oddio, Trebble Hook, Mr Kaotik and more!

$10. Entry till 11
$15. After
18 and up
21 to drink
300 Free Copies of BMC's Welcome to TrillStep Vol 1 will be givin away at the door. Other give a ways throughout the night provided by Swisha House and Texas Dub.

709 Franklin
Houston, TX

Nov 15, 2010

Vandal Heart - Texas Dub Mix by Vandal Heart Dubstep

Vandal Heart - Texas Dub Mix by Vandal Heart Dubstep

Newest member to Texas Dub 'dj' Vandal Heart comes with a heavy 40 minute set, enjoy!

Trolley Snatcha - Circle K (FuntCase Remix)
Heist - I Need Killers
Trolley Snatcha - Rocco's Revenge
F8 - Investagtion
Stinkahbell - Moose Knuckle
Datsik - Domino
Mr. Boogie - Beef Cake
Tremourz & J. Rabbit - Mustardayonnaise
Badbwoy BMC - Badmon
The Bloody Beetroots - WARP 1.9 (Dirtyphonics Remix)
Liquid Stranger - Bloodsuckers
Excision & Downlink - Reploid
Badbwoy BMC - Break Dem Boyz Off
Skeng - Gully Noize
H. Boogie - The Radio (Stinkahbell Remix)
Egyptrixx - Drive U Crazy (Bombaman Remix)
Bombaman - Some Swell View
Crystal Method - Sine Language (Datsik Remix)
Insomatic - Wobblepunk VIP
Genetix - All That Remains
Orien - Mods
Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
Point.blank - Whistle Tips
Eptic - Tampopsycle (Point.blank Remix)
JBZ - Mr. Snyde
Mr. Curtamos - Blah

Nov 11, 2010

WANTED FOR MURDER Friday 11.19.2010

WANTED FOR MURDER Friday 11.19.2010
Killing Soundbwoys

Badbwoy BMC (Swisha House, Texas Dub, Eye Ten Recordings)
Suma (Texas Dub)
Vandal Heart (Texas Dub)
DJ Slick Kid (Risen Phoenix Production)

These individuals should be considered armed and dangerous. Willing and ready to murk up any dance with their uncontestable dubs.
If you come in contact with anyone of these badmon's. You must report them to the proper authorities.


510 Gray, Houston, Texas 77002

18 and up
21 to Drink
Specials all night!

Free for 21 and up
$5.00 for under 21

Oct 25, 2010

Bass Music Culture

Bass Music Culture

For more than a decade Badbwoy BMC has helped define Bass Music Culture in Houston, Texas. First, as one of Texas’ most sought after jungle/drum ‘n bass/ dubstep DJs, and most recently as a Producer.

BMC’s production talent led quickly to numerous digital, vinyl, and CD releases on respected underground labels such as: Dirty Circuit; Shift; Stupid Fly; Betamorph and his own label Eye-Ten Recordings. His track titled “The Attack” was also featured on the video game Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding 2 for Xbox console.

Badbwoy BMC’s musical influences are rooted in reggae, and hip hop, and his resume includes membership in Tha Purrin Lion Sound Flex Crew (a group of some of Houston’s most respected old school junglists, whose dance parties helped pioneer the Bass Music Culture in Houston); publishing one of North America's only drum’n bass magazines to date(Tha Pride 1997-2001); founding Texas Dub (a crew of Houston dubstep producers and DJs; 2007), and co-founding Eye-Ten Recordings, with crew mate Intager (currently on its 5th release; 2009).

Some of his side projects include teaming up with Rebel Crew members Joe B. and DJ Suma to form the musical group Heavy Heights (“Truth & Rights” LP CD/Digital; Starlight; 2007), as well as releasing a collaborative 5 track compilation with former Texas Dub crew member Bukkah called F8 (“F8”EP; Dirty Circuit; 2010). In his spare time, tha Badbwoy has also worked on remixes for local vocalists Karina Nistal (“Nothing For Me”), Shina Rae (“Touch”) and indie band Posr (“Clairvoyant”).

In addition to producing original drum’n bass and dubstep tracks and remixes for a multitude of artists and acts, BMC is consistently booked to headline massive raves, club shows, and special events throughout the South. BMC also finds time to host a biweekly internet radio show the second and fourth Tuesday of the month (Traffic on

With an untouchable arsenal of exclusive, original and collaboratively produced remixes, his live shows display his all-star level of talent locking double drops; chopping beats; syncopating sounds in unison, and making seamless mixes that keep the dance floor packed in any venue.

Recently, BMC signed with the South’s most famous independent hip hop label: SwishaHouse ( Recognized worldwide for bringing Houston's own chopped and screwed music to the forefront of hip hop, SwishaHouse has once again positioned itself as the label on the cutting edge of the music industry. The first set of remixes produced under the SwishaHouse label include work done with SwishaHouse’s beautiful and talented first lady and number one dame in the game, Surreall (“I’m A Model,” “Know How To”); Paul Wall (“I Rep Texas,” “Break Dem Boyz Off,” “Skillz”), and Archie Lee (“At The Bar”). SwishaHouse has plans to release a new mixtape that includes 24 remixes of classic HTown anthems— 18 produced by BMC and the remainder composed by Texas’ own Chango, Suma, Chi, Parson and Dread Foxx.

BMC has earned respect as one of the hardest working and popular DJ/Producer/Promoters in the Southern United States, and a mainstay of Houston’s Bass Music Culture.

Bear witness to a mixture of sounds uniquely constructed to contain audible appeal that draws in underground dubstep heads, rap, and hip hop lovers alike!

Sep 28, 2010

Masquerade 10.29 & 30th

Rise A 3 Day Texas Tour

Secession Ent, NuPlan8 and Underworld present a Three City Texas Tour

DJ Micro (caffeine recordings) New York
Doc Martin (Sublevel) LA
...MC Jamalski
Bart Black
Lucas Keizer
Wes Walz
Badbwoy BMC
Matty- P
Lil' Bit

September 30 in Austin @ Republic Live 301 W. 5th Street
October 1 in Houston @ Wired Live/Meridian, 1502 Chartress
Octover 2 in McAllen @ Cine El Rey 311 south 17th

Austin & Houston shows
$10.00 limited pre-sales
$15 after pre-sales are gone

McAllen Show
$15.00 limited pre-sale tickets
$20.00 thereafter

Aug 12, 2010

BoomBa - Gritsy Wed Dubstep party

Big Tings 'gwan at Boomba so besure you make your way into midtown @ escobar. Where my man Witt pours the best drinks and the Gritsy lads break em off every Wed. Sept 1 TEXAS DUB will be taking over (for one night only) so you better not miss it!

Freq Fridayz - Northside of The H

Don't forget every Friday on the Northside of Houston (1032 w 1960 @ Red Oak) Texas Dub and SDC team up for some earthquakin bass @ Freq Fridayz. Badbwoy BMC and Super Dave are the residents with special guest every week. Besure to come check out the club and atmosphere, cuz it's wicked!

Jun 10, 2010

Mad Classy this Sunday

FEATURING BADBWOY BMC and the Mad Classy Crew!

Don't forget bout the 2 year anniversary party!!!
featuring MALA and more TBA!

SA DUBS News Story

If you want to get technical about defining Dubstep — discuss things like beats per minute and syncopated triplets — we’ll be here all day. For local dub selector Manny Martinez, aka Intager, aka Zero, however, it’s mostly visceral.

“Dubstep is music made to be felt,” Martinez, interviewed via email, says. “It takes time to let that low-end bass resonate through your body. Then before you know it, you find yourself dancing.”

And he’s right: Thirty minutes after walking into the club for April’s edition of SA Dub, I found myself unconsciously nodding my head to the sound while the bass crept its way into my body. The heavy bass, two-step UK-garage rhythm, and general hip-hop/ragga feel conspire to make your body move. Dubstep is infectious.

SA Dub is a monthly showcase for Dubstep artists local and otherwise. It’s a joint effort by Intager, San Antonio DJ Stuart Holmes (aka Mr. Smith), and Sharon Milford.

“The concept started after several conversations between us and DJ Gunslinger, who has a weekly show on KSYM, about the need for a Dubstep weekly or monthly in SA,” says Martinez. “We had been traveling up to Austin and Houston to either DJ or visit Dubstep nights, and we finally said, ya know, we need something a little closer to home. San Antonio is one of the largest cities in the nation, and here we were spending more time out of our own city trying to hear it.”

A couple more definitions to get out of the way:

“We use the word dub in ‘SA Dub’ to refer to the roots of dubplate culture which have influenced bass-centered music such as Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Reggae and Dub,” Martinez says. A dubplate is an acetate-cut vinyl record custom-made for testing out tracks. “Essentially, our use of the word ‘dub’ means that you may hear certain tracks or sounds for the first time at SA Dub.”

The crowd at these events so far has been like a stack of dubplates — consistent only in its individuality.

“We’re not really attracting a scenester crowd so much, so I think that helps in allowing SA to build its own sorta flavor,” Martinez says. “We’ve tried to make each show a little different in look and feel and not play too much melodic or chaotic types of Dubstep. We always try to put the music first and don’t really believe in the concept of having one DJ at a huge 18-point font and all your locals at a 10-point font, either. We’ve tried to express this on our flyers and hope that people appreciate the message that in SA it’s all about the music, not the name.”

The dovetailing of local attitudes and what might be Dubstep’s underlying philosophy (if it had one) could explain why the genre has hit the Texas scene harder than many other types of underground electronic music.

“Texas naturally has a tendency to embrace anything big, and that includes music. Lots of the original Dubstep coming out of the state is reflective of that,” Martinez says. “Every city has its own vibe and feeling, yet we all work together and help support one another. It’s really because of that type of collaboration that whenever you ask anyone in the world about dubstep in the USA, they definitely know about Texas.”

In addition to SA Dub, Intager also represents one half of Eye-Ten Recordings, a Texas-made Dubstep record label. His partner, BadbwoyBMC, has been prominent in the state’s electronic music scene since the ’90s as part of Houston’s Purrin Lion Sound Flex Crew — a multifaceted collective that’s provided Texas with a solid jungle/drum-’n’-bass scene since 1995.

Eye-Ten Recordings’ next four releases will be out this spring and summer, with Texas-made Dubstep from BadbwoyBMC, Bukkha, Suma, F8, and Intager.

June 11, SA Dub will celebrate its one-year anniversary, Smash1versery, at Nightrocker Live, with an all-star Texas Dubstep Selector line-up consisting of guests from the past year. Artists from Austin (Mad Classy, Weight), Houston (Texas Dub), and San Antonio (Mammoth) will help SA Dub fill the bill at this no-cover show, and, as usual, the first 50 guests will receive a free mix CD compiled specifically for that night.

“We try to keep them truly underground, homemade-mixtape style,” Martinez says. “Copy them, print labels, and stick ’em all by hand. Not everyone has mp3 players, and it’s still easier to pop a CD in the car, or copy them for your friends. … It’s our way of saying thanks for the support.” •

For news on releases, upcoming SA Dub dates, or new mixes by Mr. Smith, BMC, or Intager, visit

Manny Martinez, aka Intager, began SA Dub nights a year ago this month.

SA Dub’s
Fri, Jun 11
Nightrocker Live
605 San Pedro
(210) 256-3573

May 18, 2010


Bass Therapy

Watch out Austin, shits bout to get grimey!


OOmpa LOOmpa ARE one:

WiLLy WhOmPA- Boulder colorado
PropaTingZ- SanFran
Audio Missles-Austin Tx
BMC-Houston Tx
Mad Turtle-Houston Tx

Area 2(Candy land)

Bart Black
Wes Walz
Jasmine Rose
Prince Valium

Admission: $20
Location:HaHaHa ( for those who know!!!!!)

Gritsy TXStep

Saturday, May22nd, 2010!

After the last, monumental Gritsy [w/ Joker],
we're stoked to look no further than our own "backyard" for some down home, TXSTEP!



RSVP on Facebook for $5 COVER before 11pm [21+ ONLY!]:

Drink specials / Gritsicles / Free earplugs
& Gritsy goodies al night long!

Bear witness to the Aura "WALL OF BASS" soundsystem,

Patio system hosted by Karma & Reverse!
[Lineup TBA]


2000 Bell St. @ Chartres
[First floor of the old Meridian]
Houston, TX 77003

Door Info

Doors open @ 9pm !!!
Please plan on coming EARLY & leaving LATE!

18+ / $20
21+ / $10 / $5 BEFORE 11PM*

May 8, 2010

Intager - 'BUFFALO SKY / U-ME' (eye006) - Out 5.5.10

Eye-Ten keeps on trucking with the next release by San Antonio's Intager.
Links to promo 320 mp3’s are below. We appreciate the support.

Artist: Intager
Artist Website:,
Label: Eye-Ten 006
Release: May 5, 2010
Mastering: Shane 'The Cutter' @ Finyl Tweek

help us big it up on the Promotional thread:

Next Release: Bukkha ‘ Outta Space (Bukkha’s ilovehaterz mix) / F8 –
Domin8tor - Available May 19,2010

Apr 18, 2010

Eye-Ten Recodings 005 Badbwoy BMC - Badmon/Break em off

Preview Badmon Here!

Preview Break DEM Off
Artist: Badbwoy BMC
Artist Website:,
Label: Eye-Ten 005
Release: April 21, 2010
Mastering: Shane 'The Cutter' @ Finyl Tweek

Promotional thread

Contact and Inquiries:


Texas Dub & SDC presents "Serious" May 14th 2010

Noah D (Argon / Subway / Earwax / + Thought / Liondub Intl. / Basshead Musi )

Noah D is without doubt one of the top Dubstep producers hailing from the USA. He has been building his reputation in both the Dubstep and Drum n Bass circles since 2003 and is highly regarded on both sides of the Atlantic for his musical output. His latest tune, "Seeeriousss" has been tearing up every dancefloor on every corner of the world and has become a full fledged Dubstep anthem for 2009. Once behind the decks Noah D brings loads of energy and a diverse blend of beats mixed in a carefully crafted style that is guaranteed to create a memorable experience on the dance floor!

6blocc (War, Lo Dubs, N2O, Tribe Steppaz UK, Bootshake UK, Foul PLay)

The word on the streets is 6BLOCC is looking to put out some white labels of his hottest dubplates that always get the call...PUULLLL UUUPPPPP!!!! If you're wondering what the name 6BLOCC means? "I got the name from a Masta Ace song here he says, "the bass I create is heard from six blocks". BOOM!

Badbwoy BMC (Texas Dub, Eye Ten REcordings)

Suma (Texas Dub, Eye Ten Recordings)

Bukkha (Texas Dub, Eye Ten Recordings)

TDBZ (Gritsy, Betamorph)

Juxta (Texas Dub)

2nd area 2 step, DNB, UK Funky, Reggae, Dub
Joe B (Rebel Crew, Starlight)
Lamborghini Crew
(Criminal V, Brad Slack & MC Gremlin)

Vitamin A (Purrin Lion)
Cytek (Bounce)
Nick Beatdown (H bombin)

Orbit Room
2524 McKinney Rd
9pm - 4am
$10. b4 11 $15. after 11
18 and up 21 to drink

Mar 14, 2010

Texas Dub 2010 SXSW Showcase

Last years party was such a hit the guys at 5th gallery invited us back for another year of bass and fun! This years line up is large with Badbowy BMC, Intager, Suma, Bukkah, Juxta, Grommit, Innerlign, Chi and Chango all reppin that dirty souf bass bizness. MC WERD2JAH from Atlanta will be hostin the party! Best of all it's free and goin late night. Gwan be a roadblock after Weight gets out, TRUST!

Mar 3, 2010

Badbwoy BMC "Break Dem Boyz Off"

Little video we made from live footage at Dub Therapy to promote the next single on Eye Ten Recordings.

Feb 23, 2010

6Blocc and Texas Dub Throw Down!

Everyone that was @ UPROAR in Houston this past weekend got to witness history in the making as 6Blocc tore the roof off the canal warehouse. SDC put together one of the biggest sound systems to date which made for big vibez and tons of excitement! Texas Dub crew opened up with Juxta & Nick Beatdown, Cytek then Bukkah kickin the party off.. They brought somesick shit early on! Badbwoy BMC & Suma made the foundation of the canal warehouse crack with a special 4 table set. Prolific from Foul Play Records opened up with a wicked rap over some original dubstep tracks and throw down a set full of dubs. Then 6Blocc completely destroyed the crowd with dub after dub in true 6blocc fashion. Big reggae remixes and west coast party vibez. and if that wasn't enuff R.A.W made a special appearance.. that's right Drum and Bass totally sent this party into hyper speed! Then Upgreyyed finished off the rest of the crowd that was still standing with a wicked set! Large up to 6blocc and Prolific and all the dj's that played and the crowd who brought the wicked vibez. If you were there you know what i'm saying.. if you weren't.. there's always next time! Texas Dub and SDC would like to thank everyone for coming out and brockin out as always.

photos by Jessie Weber