Apr 18, 2010


Texas Dub & SDC presents "Serious" May 14th 2010

Noah D (Argon / Subway / Earwax / + Thought / Liondub Intl. / Basshead Musi )

Noah D is without doubt one of the top Dubstep producers hailing from the USA. He has been building his reputation in both the Dubstep and Drum n Bass circles since 2003 and is highly regarded on both sides of the Atlantic for his musical output. His latest tune, "Seeeriousss" has been tearing up every dancefloor on every corner of the world and has become a full fledged Dubstep anthem for 2009. Once behind the decks Noah D brings loads of energy and a diverse blend of beats mixed in a carefully crafted style that is guaranteed to create a memorable experience on the dance floor!

6blocc (War, Lo Dubs, N2O, Tribe Steppaz UK, Bootshake UK, Foul PLay)

The word on the streets is 6BLOCC is looking to put out some white labels of his hottest dubplates that always get the call...PUULLLL UUUPPPPP!!!! If you're wondering what the name 6BLOCC means? "I got the name from a Masta Ace song here he says, "the bass I create is heard from six blocks". BOOM!

Badbwoy BMC (Texas Dub, Eye Ten REcordings)

Suma (Texas Dub, Eye Ten Recordings)

Bukkha (Texas Dub, Eye Ten Recordings)

TDBZ (Gritsy, Betamorph)

Juxta (Texas Dub)

2nd area 2 step, DNB, UK Funky, Reggae, Dub
Joe B (Rebel Crew, Starlight)
Lamborghini Crew
(Criminal V, Brad Slack & MC Gremlin)

Vitamin A (Purrin Lion)
Cytek (Bounce)
Nick Beatdown (H bombin)

Orbit Room
2524 McKinney Rd
9pm - 4am
$10. b4 11 $15. after 11
18 and up 21 to drink

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