Dec 24, 2012

Intager - 130 BASS MIX Part 4 - 12/21/12

130 Bass Mix - Part 4
Mixed and arranged by Intager
Recorded 12/21/12
Special Thanks to Werd2Jah for the vocal drops

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Tracks in this session include
Compund One:How's Things
Balistiq Beats feat. Jamakabi:Concreate Jungle
Dusky:What do I do
Freak:Don Froth
G Fitzgerald:Need You
Otto Von Schirach:6 Bass Low
EmJay (Intager and Chango):Sinus
Animal Youth:Sixty Four Sixty
Intager:Don Freak
Tom Budden:Domino
EmJay (Intager and Chango):They Know
Convex:Sex Drive
Dusky:Calling Me
R Owens:One Thing
Don Froth:Reflex
Intager:Acid Wash Jeans
Trusta:Feel So
Mickey Pearce:Socks Off
French Fries:Space Alarm

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