Aug 15, 2012


Stenchman was created in 1985 by rogue scientists trying to splice the genes of a Fresian cow and a severely impaired young gypsy. The results were controversial to say the least and subsequently the creature they had created escaped, taking with him all of their electronic equipment and pharmaceuticals. After this, sightings of the strange being became infrequent for a while, word had it that he had built himself a small hut out of discarded batteries and unicorn hair and had locked himself inside with the aforementioned electrical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and was using these to produce a sound called “urgh”. He had a passion for deep rumbling bass and strange wobbling mid sounds, the frequencies of which would often cause involuntary lactation. After a few years honing his techniques, he decided to come out to graze on the fresh pastures of the outside world, although he refused to be seen in public without a mask, due to self-consciousness about the udders attached to his face. Stenchman is now apparently inflicting his audio assaults on unsuspecting ravers worldwide, making people dance in an animalistic nature to his twisted rhythms and humorous samples Check out:

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